I cannot believe tomorrow is already Thanksgiving. I’ll happily run the HUGE local Turkey Trot and hopefully I can squeak in with the top 125 ladies to get an “award mug.” I’m not quite sure what my legs are going to feel like doing so I’m just gonna run my face off and hope for the best. As far as the going out too fast rule, I sorta feel like the 5K requires it. The last half mile is supposed to be a puking sufferfest. Gotta make room for the extra stuffing somehow.
Here’s the thing about me and Thanksgiving, I like turkey just as much as the next guy and I love can tolerate a whole day with my family but for the love of God can we stop calling it Turkey Day? It makes me cringe for some reason. It’s called Thanksgiving. I don’t hear people calling Halloween “Happy Razor Blades in Apples Day.” And no one says “Happy Drunk on Irish Whiskey Day!” So maybe we can stick to the holiday’s rightful name, mkay?
Even Obama is not impressed with the use of “Turkey Day”
If you really think about it, there are probably thousands and thousands of sad turkeys everywhere who hear that “Turkey Day” is coming and expect a full on parade. Or a medal. Or even the keys to the city! But what do they get on their national holiday – that’s right….

They get some guy chasing them around a farm with an ax. Poor little delicious turkeys don’t even know it’s coming. In addition to a terrible joke being played on turkeys everywhere, the term “Turkey Day” just makes me think of some ladies on NPR discussing their favorite holiday.
So as you all prepare that lovely bird and gather up your friends and family, please remember that it’s Thanksgiving.** And it’s a time to be thankful for celebrating holidays by their God given politician given George Washington given who the hell names holidays anyway, name.*
*If you were offended in any way shape or form by this post…Happy Turkey Day to you!
**And if you aren’t pissed off, come back tomorrow for the Mother of all Thankful Thursdays!