If any of you use Training Peaks to log your workouts, then you know about the dreaded red box. Here’s what that means; after you complete a workout the box on the calendar turns green. If you don’t quite complete it, it turns yellow. And if you just flat out skip it, the box turns red. It’s just sort of sad to see a bunch of red boxes, even if it is due to injury or illness.
In looking back over the past month or so I see lots of red. Most of it is due to that dumb quad injury. Fortunately, that injury is gone and I’m moving forward with my plan and checking off the boxes. And guess what? It’s Wednesday and I’m on way to a week of ALL GREEN. This won’t be the very first time I’ve had all green, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to geek out about it. As the saying goes, go green or go home. No, that’s not it. Once you go green, you never – nope not that either. Ha!
Speaking of workouts, I’m feeling good. I feel like I’m enjoying my runs again and yesterday I went for a swim. Because I actually wanted to swim. Don’t get me wrong, that sprint I recently signed up for at the end of the month was an additional motivator, but I really just wanted to swim. And while I was sucking wind and didn’t swim big yardage, I was really happy to be in the water again. There is something that is truly soothing to me about swimming. Maybe it’s because I can just pee while I think deep thoughts. Keep those goggles on folks.
In addition to swimming and running, I hit up strength training on Tuesday and have been doing this 30 day abs challenge that started on the first of this month. It did start with a fairly easy amount of situps, crunches, leg raises, and timed plank, but since I haven’t been doing a ton of core work, it’s getting difficult fast and I’m only on day eight.
Ok, so you know I said I signed up for a sprint tri at the end of the month? Yes, well I did. But then today, I realized that Saturday was my “free” day and there just so happens to be another sprint tri…so…I signed up for it too. This is a NO PRESSURE, NO TIME GOALS race. I just want to race and smile and hopefully remember what to do in transition. I’ll try not to make sandwiches.
Happy Hump Day friends! What’s up witchu?