“Welcome back my friend,” the Gangster Hills said to me.

“You don’t welcome me,” I replied.

“But of course we do. We always welcome a battle.”

I am so dramatic. I ran five hills last night. That’s more than I have done in a long time. Partly due to worry about Old Wonky (my ankle) and partly because more than 4 of those really hurt!

Thankfully P-Funk came out to run with me. It’s always easier to get through them if you have a buddy to talk with. In addition, to help you feel accountable. You both say you’re running 5 and well, 5 it is.

The BQ’ers were out there working it as well. They all had 10 slated and I must say I am so impressed. The dedication to run 10 hills AND at their pace is awe inspiring.

After, Speedy Jess and a small group of us were discussing confidence. I was surprised to learn that Speedy Jess does the same thing that I do. Before every run, she also thinks she won’t be able to do it. And then, she does, to no surprise to anyone else. The girl is strong.

It shouldn’t really come as a shock that we do this.* I think it’s a very female thing to do. Sometimes, at least in my opinion, women with lots of confidence are seen as arrogant and not very lady-like. We see male rappers, athletes, and celebrities talking about their greatness all the time and yet, not many female athletes toot their own horns as much. Sure a few slip in here and there (the Williams sisters occasionally, and they get flack for it).

I guess I am just delving further into my running confidence struggle. It could just be a B.o.B. thing and not at all a “universal woman” issue. Shoot, Madonna said she was going to take over the world in the 80’s and boy did she, in some respects. I personally feel that if I get too confident it’ll bite me in the butt. Now that I’ve got a new 5K PR all I can think is, “Crap. Can I do that again?” But should I be thinking the opposite? “I can go faster!”

Feel free to weigh in here people. That’s what the blog world is all about right?

*As I’m a tad nervous writing something controversial please know that no offense is meant, just asking the questions.