It’s my second favorite month of the year! (October is first, duh.) I get to celebrate my birthday! I’m a huge fan of birthdays. Even now as I’m getting older, I think birthdays are the best. I’m wiser and yet still super hot. Totally joking. Anyway, here’s how my January measured up!

Run 201 miles

Bike 0 miles

Swim 0 miles

Strength & Conditioning 0

Races Croom Zoom 25K and Best Damn Race Jacksonville half marathon – I didn’t race either of these per se but I did use them as strength runs for my marathon training.

Current Reads I started The Nest but haven’t gotten far with it. It’s just not hitting me in the read-feels. I also started Live By Night and it’s also sort of meh. I need some good recommendations please.

Current Obsession Vitamin Water XXX – this shit is delicious. Try it. Trust me.

Current Song Nothing is really getting me right now. But I have been listening to the podcast Suspect Convictions and it’s interesting, but also very sad.

Current Need One more solid several weeks of training before the Myrtle Beach Marathon.

Current Triumph Fairly solid 20 mile long run with my friend Rose. It was a good confidence boost, even if it was a tough going due to dumb cramps.

Current Bain of My Existence Hacking cough! I don’t know where this came from but all of the sudden I sound like a three pack a day smoker. I’m failing at staying healthy this cold/flu season. This is the third cold I’ve gotten thus far. I swear I’ve been sleeping a lot, drinking lots of water (not just the XXX), and just generally eating healthier. I am wondering if I’ve had extra stress lately?

Current Goal A healthy, fun marathon next month.

Current Indulgence Pre-long run bagel. It’s been hitting the spot.

Current Blessings Having a great friend who is a doctor and an awesome boyfriend who doesn’t mind being a nurse.

Current Excitement I’m excited about the Myrtle Beach Marathon but I’m also excited about swimming and cycling again!