First up, last week’s workouts:

Monday – Fun spin class in the AM and 2,500 yards at the pool in the PM with my friend Glenda.
Tuesday – Four mile tempo run at the pub run after work. I felt good on this tempo although, I probably should have done a better job at warming up.
Wednesday – I really have no excuse here, except that I didn’t feel like doing anything. Sorry Coach!
Thursday – In my guilt, I  made this a two-a-day on the bike. I did an hour on the trainer in the AM and then took a super tough spin class in the PM. NEVER judge an instructor on outward appearance. She kicked my butt.
Friday – My “long” run of six miles. It was nice out and I made sure I did negative splits on this run. It’s starting to come back but I need to log more miles.
Saturday – I volunteered all day at the Best Damn Race. I think passing out medals, loading water into bins, working as a fill-in MC, sprinting to a medical emergency (he’s OK, thank God!), pouring beer, and cleaning it all up after should count as a full workout.
Sunday – Oh boy, this was a tough ride for me. I planned on riding 42, but when Coach Steve was at the trail head without his crew and my crew were taking it a bit easy, I made the decision to ride with Coach. He cajoled me into 54 miles and I was toast.
January Stats/Recap
Run 29 miles
Bike 211 miles
Swim 13 miles
Races Frogman 5K swim!
Current Reads I finished two books last month! Hooray! I read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. It was a bit listless for my liking and sad without any rays of hope. Basically, it was a big downer. I also read Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer, which, surprisingly, I loooooved. I haven’t picked out a new book yet so I better get on it because February is a short month!
Current Obsession HBO’s new series, True Detective. It’s perfect for the trainer because each episode is about an hour or a little over AND it’s so good. Dark and gritty. Exactly what you want from a detective show. Woody Harrelson AND Matthew McConaughey are amazing.
Current Song Macklemore “White Walls” It’s a total homage to old school caddies. Bernie Mac is smiling down on this one.
Current Need An end to daylight savings. I’m ready for long days. I don’t want to run in the dark anymore.
Current Triumph See those two books in one month and getting in 211 miles on the bike!
Current Bane of My Existence Whiners and complainers. Life is too short to be mad over small stuff. Smile and be happy you have friends, family, and your health!
Current Goal Get up to 25 miles per week in running.
Current Indulgence Hm. Don’t think I have one right now.
Current Blessings This Florida weather. It was gorgeous out yesterday. I even got to hang by the pool! I’m very lucky since a lot of the country is still on snow watch.
Current Excitement It’s my birthday month! I can’t wait to celebrate myself with friends and family!
Checking in on 2014 Goals I did great on the book reading. I tried two different strength training workouts, but neither will be my go-to. I did really well making dinner but only so-so on lunches. And my three days of cycling has been darn near perfect. I’d say I’m staying on track so far. Only 11 months to go! Ha!
How was your week? How was your month? Sticking to those goals?