Happy birth month to me! #BethMonth has arrived and I’m so stoked to toe the line for a marathon this month. Plus, I’ll get to see my nephews in Nola. I plan to run straight to the beignets.

Run 148 miles. Holy big miles! My legs are a wee bit tired…

Bike Ok so I promise this is the last month with no bike miles. I have to prepare for our trip to see Le Tour. 

Swim 7 miles. After the Frogman got canceled I lost my swim mojo a bit. I’ll be hitting the pool again this month for more great crosstraining. And guess what? I’m now a certified US Masters Swimming Coach!

Strength 3 sessions with the Tribe.

Yoga Namastayinbed.

Races I was pretty happy to get the green light from Coach Mason to hop in a half marathon for a long run. I ran the Celebration Half Marathon yesterday (plus a couple of mile beforehand). I’ll post a recap tomorrow.

Current Reads I finished Americanah and Reconstructing Amelia. I enjoyed both, but I think I like Americnah a bit more. Reconstructing Amelia made a little sad. Kids can be cruel. I started The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s super intriguing so far.

Current Obsession Running. And marathons. And more running. All the running!  

Current Song I am loving the Beibs song Love Yourself. It’s shameful, but I can’t help it. “My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone…” 

Current Need I need a few new go-to easy recipes. I feel like the S.O. and I cook the same four meals over and over. Please share some with me!

Current Triumph 18 mile run last Tuesday and 15 mile run on Sunday. Whoa. 

Current Bain of My Existence Nothing much. Life is good.

Current Goal Rock N Roll Nola Marathon…crush it!

Current Indulgence I may have gone a bit crazy on my drive home post half marathon/long run yesterday. Road trips are tough on me because I always want candy and snacks. I got sour gummy bears and a heath bar. Ok fine AND a small rice crispy treat. Ha! (Yeah, not on the Advocare 24 day challenge plan…)

Current Blessings Getting to another healthy year! My birthday month has arrived!

Current Excitement Marathon number eight! This is my second attempt at number eight and IT IS HAPPENING. Come hell or high water, I shall hit number eight!