Welcome to Wednesday kids. I did my final ride this morning in hopes that I will remember how to ride it on Saturday. I know they say “it’s just like riding a bike” but honestly every time feels like the first time for me. And on a bike, that ain’t a good thing. The ride did help a little with my pre-race jitters though. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. It’s like the first day of school!

My “wave” starts at 7:42 AM which is going to mean an early day on Saturday. I’m going to have to take a sleep aid Friday night to get some shut eye. I already know I’ll be going bananas in my head before I can get to sleep.

The good news is that Old Wonky is feeling a wee bit better. I’m hoping that a wee bit better means by Saturday I won’t completely re-injure it.

Speaking of which, last night P-Funk and I went to dinner and were discussing injuries. Everyone seems to suffer something at some point during their running life and it really stinks. You get so used to your running routine and release that when you can’t run you feel a bit lost. I decided that if Saturday knocked me out of MCM I wouldn’t be too sad. MCM is held every year and I’ll get there someday if it kills me. What makes me the most upset is if I can’t run for another three weeks. That would be annoying. But then again, me, Mr. Bike and Mr. Swim have gotten fairly close.

That’s all I got for today. If you have some time and want to read about a tri I will never be doing check out Walt’s blog here. Funny stuff as per usual, and a lesson on drinking beer before a race….

TGIW beeches.