August is finally here so we’re in the downslide into Fall. This also means I’ve got only 57(!!!) days til I toe the line at Ironman Chattanooga. I’m excited and nervous and hoping I can really kick it up these last two months.
Run 120 miles – Got my run mileage up a bit more this month.
Bike 382 miles – I think the vacation on the 4th hurt me and I slacked a little on my weekday rides. I’m correcting that for August!
Swim 12 miles – I’m also kicking this back up.
Strength Not happening til after the ironman at this point.

Current Reads I finished The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen, which I found to be pretty depressing. I normally don’t mind dark stuff, but this one just wasn’t my cup of tea. I read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn in two days and it was my exact cup of dark tea. Haha. Considering how much I’m digging her work, I figure I’ll hop onto Sharp Objects next.
Current Obsession Does ironman training count?
Current Song I have always loved me some Tori Amos and her new album is quite good and more of a return to her original style. The song Trouble’s Lament is my jam.

Current Need I’m pretty stumped on this. I can’t think of a thing I need. There’s a few wants, but no real needs.
Current Triumph Getting up and swimming 3,750 yards this morning with Meghan. I’m pretty sure that’s the farthest pool swim I’ve done since I can remember.
Current Bane of My Existence Laundry. Two triathletes heavily training and racing (the S.O.) means laundry for days.
Current Goal I’d like over 400 miles for the month in cycling. I’d like to hit 130 miles on the run. And 17 miles on the swim. Think I can do it?
Current Indulgence I made a batch of gluten free (the S.O. has celiac) chocolate chip cookies last night. They may not last another day at our house.
Current Blessings My nephew and sister are in town and I love spending time with them!
Current Excitement Can I put pending ironman here too? I see a trend happening…
Let’s do this August! How was your July?