I love when a month ends on a Sunday and a new month begins on a Monday. It’s the little things. I feel as though July flew by and in a good way. It was a good month but I have a lot coming up to look forward to.

For July, I wanted to see how many hours of working out I was doing. I did round up, because math. And then I added up the hours and divided it by 4 (for weeks in the month). I realized I’m only working out about 4.5 hours per week. This seems very measly in comparison to what I have done in the past. I wasn’t truly training for anything in July so this isn’t a huge deal, but I would like to get my butt back in gear.

Basically, I’m just a nerd and wanted to look at numbers. And of course, you can break that down even farther to see that if I ran 93 miles in 14.5 hours of running then I average about a 9:21 per mile. This seems a little fast since I’ve felt like I’ve been dying in this humidity, but I never said I was great at math. Ha! And my swim times would be about 1:42/100 yards. That seems a bit more spot on, and I didn’t factor in yards vs meters. If this all seems nuts to you, you should be inside my head. 

Run 93 miles (14.5 hours of running)

Bike 15 miles (50 minutes of spinning, so this distance is a total guess)

Swim 7 miles (3.5 hours of swimming)

Strength & Conditioning Goose egg! But I’m going tomorrow. Pinky promise.

Races St Pete Masters Swim Meet (200 meter free 3:14 – PR!,  100 meter free 1:27, 400 meter free 7:03, and 50 meter free 38.49 – PR!)

Current Reads I finished The Night Circus, which I enjoyed, it just took too long to get going. I also finished Letters from Skye for a book club at the end of the month. I’m not a romance novel reader at all so I sort of rushed through this because I was gagging. Haha. I’m now reading How Bad Do You Want It. Stayed tuned on that one.

Current Obsession Selecting our itinerary for our trip to St. Augustine this weekend. Can you believe that as a Floridian, I’ve never been to this historical city? Me either. Can’t wait! I’ll take any and all tips on what to do and where to eat.

Current Song I’ve basically just been listening to Sia’s This is Acting album on repeat. She’s the best. Her song Unstoppable is a great motivational song.

Current Need Possibly a new tri kit….

Current Triumph Setting a goal! I’ve been ALL OVER THE PLACE with this. Do I want to run more trail races? Do I want to travel for an aquathlon? I finally got a goal with the help of Jesica from Runladylike, I’m headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama, for the Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon. Yes, I will have to start actually riding my bike again. Ha! Anyone else racing there on September 10th?

Current Bain of My Existence Lloyd’s leaky bladder. Poor old dude just can’t hold it anymore.

Current Goal Conquer this month’s workouts – with cycling! (P.S. Last month’s goal was speed and I worked it with track and swim meet!)

Current Indulgence Nada. Still locking it down!

Current Blessings Everything. I could count them, but right now I just feel super lucky for lots of things (and people).

Current Excitement Long weekend away with my boo!

How was your July? What goals do you have on tap for the month?