July shaped up to be a pretty awesome month. I got in some great runs and a little sprint triathlon. I also got to volunteer at the Special Olympics swim meet and it was as rewarding as it always is. I’m hoping to become a Unified Partner for swimming and track and field early next year. August is looking to be another fun month with another Special Olympics swim meet. I may hop in a 5K or a swim event as well.
Run 83 miles
Bike Nada
Swim 2 miles
Strength 7 sessions with Coach Jon & the Tribe. I’m LOVING these lately.
Yoga 0 (I miss yoga. Need to fit this in somewhere.)
Races Had a blast at the FD3 Sprint Tri.
Current Reads I have two books waiting for me: Remember Me This Way and First They Killed My Father. Two very different books this month. The former a psychological thriller fiction and the latter a memoir about the genocide in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime.
Current Obsession Learning French. Ever since the Tour de France started I began with a mission to learn French. I’ve been listening to Coffee Break French a short podcast that teaches conversational French. It’s slow going because I have no concept of French at all. But, I do love trying to learn languages. Tres bien.
Current Song Not a thing. I’m not feeling any songs right now. Any suggestions? I could use something non-Top 40.
Current Need Galoshes.
Current Triumph eBay sales. I had a few nice pieces of clothing that have been sitting in my closet and I needed to make a little extra money. Enter eBay. I’ve sold four items and actually mailed everything out on time. Score!
Current Bain of My Existence Rain, rain and more rain. Tampa has become a flood zone and it’s causing damage and chaos on the roads. Not to mention, I just really need to see sunshine again. Current need makes sense now, right?
Current Goal Continue getting stronger on my run and continue having fun.
Current Indulgence Trader Joe’s Powerberries Trek Mix. So. Delicious.
Current Blessings The rain has not damaged anything personal of mine so far. I know others who have lost their homes and their cars. It’s very sad.
Current Excitement It honestly looks like there may be two days of sunshine this week. Fingers crossed because we all need to dry out!