If I’m being truly honest, I’m happy to see June go bye-bye-bye. It ain’t no lie. Sorry. Had. To. I just had a sorta “meh” June. I couldn’t quite get myself to normal levels of motivation. As Coach Mason mentioned in her blog, we were discussing my general state of meh. In April, after watching friends run the Boston Marathon, I was feeling SUPER motivated. But it’s since waned some. I’m working on getting it back and part of that just involves finding a new goal that’s a little closer on the calendar than my next marathon…which isn’t until March 2017.

Run 85 miles

Bike 14 miles

Swim 10 miles (Swimming is all I really want to do right now!)

Strength & Conditioning 2 sessions

Races Bumpy Jones Swim Meet (200 Meter free in 3:17, and 50 meter free in 39.54), and Moon Over Croom Trail Race

Current Reads I’m finished reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette, I’d recommend it for a cute, beach read. I’m now onto The Night Circus, which is taking me some time to get into. I’m not sure if it’s too slow or I just don’t love the writing style. I’ll keep reading it though. I hate quitting books!

Current Obsession Planning travel. Since we had to cancel TdF, I’m obsessed with where we can go once the S.O. is cleared for take off. It’s kinda exciting, actually. The possibilities are endless.

Current Song I’ve really been enjoying the radio this summer. I’m digging: Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake, One Dance by Drake, Kill ‘Em with Kindness by Selena Gomez, Ride by Twenty One Pilots. All pop, but all fun.

Current Need At this very moment, I could go for a nap. I’ve had an unusually busy week.

Current Triumph I met up with a VERY fast running group this morning. I knew I was going to get dropped rather quickly, but I wanted to at least go and hang on for a bit. While I could only keep up for their warm up mile (ahahaha) I did continue to push the pace for the remainder of my run. The triumph is not the pace, really. The triumph is how I felt afterward. I didn’t feel bad about myself for getting dropped, I felt pumped to try it again. I’m working on this mindset and today was a great example. Sure, it seems like a small thing, but repeating this over and over will pay off in dividends.

Current Bain of My Existence Humidity! I swear I’ll take a sunny 80 degrees with low humidity over overcast 80 degrees with 84% humidity any day of the week.

Current Goal Speed and fun. Fun and speed.

Current Indulgence Not a whole lot. I’ve been really locking down the diet and eating a lot more healthily. It’s not bad actually.

Current Blessings Coach Mason.

Current Excitement The 4th of July, The Olympics, Tour de France! So much awesome coming up! USA! USA! USA!