It’s not the heat…it’s the humidity. Ain’t that the truth? Welcome July! Ye shall burn ye butts and slow down ye runs. Here’s how my June shook out.

Run 47 miles. Womp womp. Onward and upward!

Bike 63 miles. Hey! It’s a start.

Swim Goose egg. How did that happen?

Strength 5 coached sessions with Tribal Multisport (These sessions are so valuable to me! They force me to go and not just stand around staring at weights like a deer in headlights.)

Yoga 1 class

Races Running of the Donuts 5K, which was AMAZING and Grandma’s Marathon. We all know how this went down. Le sigh.

Current Reads Thanks to travel time up to and back from Minnesota I read both The Good Girl, which I felt “meh” about and Luckiest Girl Alive, which I liked a lot. I like ya, a lot. On a recommendation from Coach Nick, I purchased Why We Get Fat. I’ll start that next and then follow it up with Remember Me This Way. I’m a reading machine. (I didn’t even start Mr. Murder. I just wasn’t feeling it.)

Current Obsession Finding new bedding and pictures for our bedroom. I just feel the need to redecorate lately. The bedroom is still in the S.O.’s signature poker d├ęcor and I we think it’s time for a change.

Current Song I feel like I should change this to current podcast. My two new favorites are Mystery Show and Hardcore History. I really enjoy listening to these during my commute. They are completely different but both very entertaining. Hardcore History may be a little boring for those of you not into history.

Current Need Phlegm free lungs. Who gets a cold in the summer!?! I think it’s on it’s way out though as I got in a recovery three mile run this morning.

Current Triumph I’m going with riding my bike twice this month. This is a big deal people. The longer I go without riding the more anxious I get. Yes, still. Post ironman and all. So the very fact that I rode twice this month and once with a group, I’m calling this a win.

Current Bane of My Existence Intolerance and inequality. Can I get an amen?

Current Goal Get back on track and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Current Indulgence Ok so I may have slipped a bit on the early year goal of no fast food. I was craving McDonald’s breakfast so I caved yesterday morning. And maybe one other morning. I daresay it was worth it.

Current Blessings Still loving my job. I am happy to come to work, write all day long, AND not make or take a single phone call.

Current Excitement No work on Friday! I love my job, but I’m no dummy. Long weekend here we come!