Since I’ve begun this quest to tackle the tri, I’ve noticed these strange appendages attached to my torso. Apparently, they’re called arms!

I learned of this T-Rex arm syndrome while reading the Chic Runner’s blog. I found that the term totally fit me and I must admit to being a total slacker on the cross training front. Why in fact just today someone at work told me they could see my blossoming arm muscles. Yay! Pretty soon, I’ll be lifting heavy items all by myself, like that awful roll of toilet paper that needs to go on the roller but sometimes sits on the bathroom counter for a day or two….

So, while I have been totally tri-brained lately, I haven’t forgotten that little half marathon I have coming up next month. I best keep up my long runs while I tri (hardy har har) to get in all the cross training.

I am super excited to go see Red and Spike. I also can’t wait to read their Boston re-caps and all of yours as well. Congrats to all of those who qualified for the Boston Marathon this year! I know some didn’t get in, so just being qualified counts as bad ass in my book. And of course, congrats to those who completed it yesterday. I’ll be bloggy catching up and want to know all about you, you, and you!

Happy Tuesday. Get ‘er done!