Last night was a first ladies and gents. I made it through 6 hills. I have never completed more than 5 and was nervous upon arrival at the dreaded hills meet up spot. Could I do 6 without my lungs bursting? Could I do 6 without crying? Would the hills treat me like that gangster in Home Alone?

Gangster Hill: I’m gonna give you until the count of ten, to get your lying, yellow, no-good keister off my property before I pump your guts full of lead!

Me: But hills I have to do 6 of you tonight!

Gangster Hill: One….two…..ten! Ahhahahaha Ahahaha [maniacal laughter]! Keep the change ya filthy animal.

During The Plan I increase a mile at the hill about every two weeks. I’ll eventually get up to 10. Allegedly. Hopefully.

I joined a running group that found the only hill where I live. And it’s not your grandma’s hill. It’s tough. In fact I would say it’s my least favorite night on The Plan, aside from the MLR.

And we don’t just run to the top and then walk down. We run the damn thing at a full on tempo pace. It’s a 1/2 mile up and then a 1/2 mile back down. For the mathematically challenged this is a one mile out and back, or should I say up and down?

Anyway, I did it. All 6. Almost on targeted pace. The first one was a bit slow, but hey it was a warm up.

I’ll be back Gangster Hill. And next time, I’m bringing Joe Pesci.