Since I’m all relocated and such I’m enjoying my new digs. I have run three times on the lovely Bayshore and got to see a dolphin this morning. He must have showed up on porpoise! Waka waka!

Terrible jokes aside, I’ve been going through the motions lately and have not really been feeling my typical obnoxious sunny self. Of course, most of these issues are my own doing and lord knows I’m my own worst critic but the one thing that has kept me from downing five two bottles of wine nightly is my run.

I obviously can’t run with a hangover every day and let’s be honest here, booze really doesn’t make anyone feel better. Have you ever seen a hungover B.o.B.? Yeah, it’s not really the most attractive look. However, I will say that “Hangover B.o.B.” can come up with some zingers! Yes, I’m a bit down but it’s nothing to truly worry about so long as I keep it moving. If I stop running then we can all be concerned. Heh.

Ahem. I digress. I recently posted the sticker that reads, “running is cheaper than therapy” to my facebook page and I completely understand how this phrase got so popular. I always feel so great after my runs, both physically and mentally, that I wish I could bottle it up and use it all day long. You know like an Eau de Endorphin. This would really help when I hit those low moments where I just need a little spritz of that post run glow. Try to top that scent celebrity perfume hawkers!

I know I’m just in a weird place right now and I need to keep it moving. Thank God for running and the free therapy it provides. If I didn’t run I’d probably end up some crazy bag lady who collects old shoelaces to put in her hair. Hmmm, that may actually be a good look….kidding.

How do you stay peppy when you are feeling blue? Does the run help or should I just get those wine bottles ready for us to share?