Here we go again with the last week’s workouts! I am definitely feeling the burn of triathlon training as I haven’t really buckled down to train for one in quite some time. I am enjoying it, so I may be eyeing some longer distance stuff again for the future. But before I go registering for any 70.3’s, let’s see how last week fared.

Monday 8/15 – Unscheduled rest day. I was supposed to swim but I was SO tired, I gave myself a rest day. I felt much better after sleeping in and heading to work refreshed. Normally, if I skip a workout, I feel bad about it. But, not this Monday. I know I needed it.

Tuesday 8/16 – Strength training and post strength training three mile run. I flipped the run and strength this week and I actually enjoyed the run more. This is probably due to the fact that I felt much more warmed up and awake! The strength training was all leg focused so I knew I had a rough couple days of DOMS ahead.

Wednesday 8/17 – Morning masters swim, short course. Since I have been swimming more regularly I’m getting my old swimmer speed back. I’m not lighting the world on fire, but I am feeling stronger. Wednesday was a swim of 2,525 yards. I also had a baby run of about 2 miles on Wednesday night at a Lululemon focus group. I was invited to test some Lulu gear. Score!

lulu focus group

Thursday 8/18 – I’m really proud of the run I did on this Thursday. Coach Mason gave me a seven mile fartlek with lots of pace changes and I worked really hard to get this workout done. Here’s the workout in case you want to give it a try:
10 minute warm up
5 x (3 minutes on, 1 minute steady)
10 minute steady run
5 x (2 minutes on, 1 minute steady)
Steady finish
I kept my on pace at 8:30 for the first 3 minute intervals. Then for the 2 minute intervals I tried to run 8:10. I also tried to keep the steady portions all at 9:30 or faster.

Friday 8/19 – 45 minute ride followed by a 5.5 mile run. Nothing fancy here, just getting in the brick. Friday has been tough. I’ve been really focused on losing some weight and by Friday I am exhausted and running on fumes. It’s been a balancing act and I think I’m taking a Friday brick break this week. I’ll still run, but I need a little more sleep.

Saturday 8/20 – This run sucked. I had nine miles scheduled but when I hit seven I was DONE. It was very humid and as much as I wanted to get in all nine I called it. My run started off pretty well but the pace just kept getting slower and slower and I felt super sluggish. Again, some of this is finding the right amount of calories while still trying to lose a few pounds. I’m actually working on a full article about this so stay tuned…

Side note: I also co-hosted a baby shower on Saturday for one of my besties, Tori. I can’t wait to meet her little dude. The shower was probably one of the best I’ve ever been to and I think it’s because her mom had the best food ever. I may have indulged just a little bit..

Tori and I shower

Sunday 8/21 – 2.5 hour ride (YOWZA) and a one mile run. Ok, so having not ridden my bike for this long in a very long time, this was tough. I told my friend Hugo that I wanted to pick up the pace over what we had done the past couple of weeks and he happily obliged. Hugo pulled me for all 2.5 hours, bless his heart, and when I got off to run my legs were jello.

I am enjoying gaining fitness that I had lost and I have lost a few pounds along the way. I’m not trying to lose a bunch, I just know my ideal racing weight is a little lighter than what I have been. Plus, my clothes are fitting much better these days.

How was your week? What are you training for?