Happy Monday! In looking over last week’s workouts, I can say it was a BIG week. I had a ten hour training week and I’ll admit that I am pretty spent this morning. I took a rest day and slept in. I’m looking forward to the two week of training before I head to the Alabama gulf coast for the Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon. I can’t wait to explore the area and try some other activities (and eats!) they have to offer.

I’ll definitely do a post on race goals, but first, let’s see how last week shook out.

Monday 8/22 – First I coach the masters swim session at 5 AM. Then I swim the 6 AM session. I got in 1,800 meters and there were lots of sets with paddles. My arms were DONE after that one.

Tuesday 8/23 – Since I had to take my mom to the airport at 7 AM I had to get up super early to get in a little run. I did a faster four miler with a few friends and got home in time to shower and send Mom off to see my sister & family in Nola. I coach masters swimming on Tuesday evenings so that’s why I had to run in the morning.

Wednesday 8/24 – Wednesday is another 5 AM coaching, 6 AM swimming. Wednesday is short course and I got in a solid 2,700 yards. I love short course because I’m a big fan of flip turns. Ha!

Thursday 8/25 – I normally do strength training on Tuesdays, but I got it in on Thursday this week and oh my goodness, it was HARD. I am not sure if we just haven’t been doing that much “real” lifting versus more of dynamic movements or what, but I was WRECKED after this. I managed to get in a 30 minute treadmill run after but I knew the next two days were going to hurt.

Friday 8/26 – Sure enough, I woke up Friday morning and everything hurt. The circuit we did on Thursday effectively hit almost every muscle in my body. I squeaked out a 5 mile run but it was not pretty and it definitely wasn’t the seven mile fartlek run I had planned. 🙁

Saturday 8/27 – Friday night I got to bed early after slathering myself in Tiger Balm and I still felt sore upon waking Saturday morning. I was nervous about the three hour bike ride I had planned with friends but figured the best I could do was show up. Fortunately, I made it the full 54 miles and even hopped off the bike, well, sorta stumbled off the bike, for a two mile brick run. While the 54 miles definitely didn’t feel easy, it was a lot better than I expected and no one had to drag me. Ha! (I even got to wear my new Best Damn Race cycling kit with bib shorts!)

sat group ride

Sunday 8/28 – Sunday called for a long group run and again, I was questioning how I’d feel post long ride, and subtly lingering DOMS. I wound up getting in almost 11 miles (10.6) and ran into Coach Steve along the way. It was a nice run, even though the last two miles were water fountain to water fountain “fartleks.” Heh.

sunday group run

I finished up my weekend with a fantastic dinner to send off Lindsay to 70.3 World Championships in Australia. I can’t wait to cheer her on stateside. She’s worked SO hard and her reward will be an awesome trip snuggling koalas. I am definitely jealous! Best of luck Linds!

sunday group dinner