This will be the last round of “last week’s workouts” until my next real training cycle starts again. I hope it’s been moderately enjoyable to read. Ha! I am happy with how I’ve increased my fitness and really tried to nail my workouts going after this olympic distance tri. While I don’t expect a PR or anything, I do expect to race hard and enjoy being a triathlete.

Monday 8/29 – Rest day! Slept in and felt glorious for having done so. With the large weekend prior to this Monday, I think sleep was definitely needed.

Tuesday 8/30 – One hour of strength & conditioning and one mile on the treadmill. This session included a lot of resistance band sprinting and I was DONE by the time I got to the ‘mill.

Wednesday 8/31 – Master’s swim. I didn’t feel like I had “it.” I felt a little sluggish during this workout but tried to do my best and hang on to a fast friend in the lane next to me. 2,450 yards.

Thursday 9/01 – Treadmill fartleks. This was a great workout for me and I nailed the paces I was looking for. It’s a great workout so if you’re interested:
10 min warm up
10 min @ triathlon race pace, 3 min recovery
6 min @ non triathlon race pace, 2 min recovery
4 min @ faster than the last two pace, 2 min recovery
2 min @ one mile race pace, 1 min recovery
10 min @ steady pace (not as slow as recovery pace)

Friday 9/02 – Friday was weird. I woke up with Hurricane Hermine and a leak in the living room. Lame. So I rode the trainer for a whopping 45 minutes. Not exactly a stellar workout but it’s better than nothing I suppose.

Saturday 9/03 – 12 mile bridge run. Boom. This run was tough but I ran it much faster than I had the previous weekend. It’s funny how not riding 54 miles the day before can really help your run.

Sunday 9/04 – 6 mile progression. My first mile felt like dirt but I effectively cut down the back three miles in pace which is what Coach Mason was looking for.

Granted, this week was light cycling, I feel as though I will be prepared this weekend. I’m sure I’ll want off of the bike by mile 15, but that’s pretty standard. During my ironman I was so over it by mile 80 so this seems about right for an oly. I’ll put up a post about my goals before I head to Alabama. Which, by the way, I am SUPER excited about!

If you are on twitter and want to join me & a few other bloggers for an awesome twitter party on Saturday click HERE for the details. This will be right after I race so I’m sure I’ll be ready to offer sage advice on HOW YOU SHOULD PROBABLY RIDE YOUR BIKE MORE and stuff. Haha!