Hey ya’ll! I’m back from NOLA and my internal clock is all outta whack. I got to Spring forward in NOLA only to return to a different time zone so I am all confused. I may be asleep under my desk on my lunch break.
First and foremost, my workouts this weekend were… uh… non-existent. I had these big plans to run and get to the YMCA while there and I was borderline obsessing about getting everything in. Then I landed in New Orleans and something happened. I was too excited to spend time with my family to get up at the crack and go for a run. I could have gone on the morning that the S.O. did, but sleep just felt so, so, so good. I guess I just got in the creole spirit and let the good times roll.
Monday – Swam 2,000 meters. I was feeling very sore from Sunday’s 70 mile ride so I cut it short and enjoyed some easy swimming.
Tuesday – Hit up track and had an awesome workout. I am loving track right now and the temperatures outside are really helping.
Wednesday – I got up early to watch an episode of True Detective on the trainer. I did some easy spinning but threw in a few one-leg drills to get my heart rate up.
Thursday – Since I was flying out Thursday night I wanted to get a quick five mile run in before I left. It was a nice way to start my day and get a workout in.
As for the rest of the week…
My nephew is obsessed with the S.O.

District Donuts. Delicious.


My first nephew, Brother Bruiser.

Voodoo Queen of NOLA, Marie Laveau’s resting place. Maybe.

The S.O. suprised me with some fleur de lis earrings. Love.

Bourbon Street.

Sister time!

Visiting Dad/Brother-in-law at work.
Needless to say, I had a wonderful time in the Big Easy and I don’t feel too badly about skipping workouts. (Sorry Coach Steve!) I’m back at it this week and don’t have any more vacations planned that will allow for that much rest time so I think it was well worth it.
How was your weekend? Happy or sad to have sprung forward?