Hi-yooo! Happy Patriot’s Day! I’m just as amped up as the rest of you to watch the Boston Marathon today. I’m going to attempt to fit it in between emails and phone calls. I love that Boston is on a Monday but man, it’d be easier to track if it were a Sunday. I’m super happy for the folks who get to make this year their victory lap. And I continue to think about those who were victims and their families. Big virtual hugs to you all.  
As you all continue watching it, feel free to read how my last week of workouts went. It’ll be here all day so you can jump back and forth. You’re welcome.
Monday – Up early for a 3,000 meter swim. I felt really good and was determined to get in that full 3,000 meters. On Monday evening I got in an easy two mile recovery run (I race that 5K the day before). I finished up my day with….wait for it….strength training!
Holy cow. I finally found something that I will do! I bought the Les Mills Body Pump DVD’s for the house and started with the 20 minute video. Only took me four months to get this New Year’s goal under control but I needed to figure out something that I’d enjoy and commit to without spending a ton. The DVD set comes with the barbell and weights and at $165 it ain’t cheap but it’s more cost effective than paying $55 a month to join a gym.
Tuesday – Rest day.
Wednesday – 2,600 yard swim in the AM, nice five mile run in the PM.
Thursday – 13 mile bridge ride in the AM with Keara, which we followed up with a two mile out and back bridge run. A solid little brick on a Thursday morning. I got home with enough time to do another Body Pump DVD. This time I did the 30 minute workout. I’m already feeling “swole.” Haha.
Friday – Tori, Patrick, and Meghan joined me for the Friday AM group bridge ride. It was sooooo windy that we all worked really hard going up the bridges and barely hit 25-26 MPH going down them which is rare. I’m loving these short AM rides. I know I need to start extending them and pushing harder as training progresses.
Saturday – Long run of ten miles while spectating friends and the S.O. at the Escape from Ft De Soto triathlon*. I had fun running alongside the bike course and cheering everyone on with my buddies. The S.O. did really well, coming in 6th in his age group and 34th overall at a very competitive race.

This could be a new look for me.
Sunday – I headed up to San Antonio, FL, to get in some hill repeats with my friends Hugo, Judy, and Travis. It was misty raining out and we did a four mile out and back that had 435 ft of climbing. It was a great way to practice gearing, climbing, and descending. I wish I had more time but I had to hit the road again after only 26 miles on the bike for Easter brunch with friends.
We had gladness in our hearts from those hills.
I hope you are enjoying watching the Boston Marathon! Again, good luck to all!
*I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that my heart and prayers go to the family and friends of the man who passed on Saturday at the race. I wish them peace and strength at this time of mourning.