Happy President’s Day! I hate all of you who have the day off. Kidding. I’m pooped today because I had a big weekend! I did some BethMonth celebrating and I did some serious 70.3 training. I’m feeling a bit better about where I am but I know I need to put in more work to be ready for HITS Ocala 70.3 next month. Let’s take a look at last week:
Monday – 2,500 meter swim. The days that the pool is set up for long course (50 meters vs 25 yards) is always tougher for me. I know it’s a better way to train so I try to get in the whole 2,500 I have on my plan from Coach Steve.
Tuesday – I finally decided to get back to track and do some 800’s to see where I was. I always think I’m going to run much slower than I do. I am not sure why I do this. I guess it’s good in a way because I surprise myself. I did four by 800’s and a warm up and cool down for a total of four miles.
Wednesday – Finally got up and headed outside for an early AM ride. I got in about 16 miles in an hour and that’s fine because I hit up two bridges. That night, it stormed so I got to the pool late and only felt like swimming for 35 minutes. I got in 1,700 yards but it was just a WEB (why even bother) workout.
Thursday – Four mile run in the AM and spin class in the PM.
Friday – I like the Friday AM swim for some reason. It helps close out the work week. I got in 3,150 yards.
Saturday – Fun day in the hills of San Antonio, Florida. I met up with my buddy Hugo to get in 34 miles of hills and do a short brick run of 3.15 miles. The ride was great, the run was great and I may have a confession from this for you guys on Friday. Stay tuned.
Sunday – Long run of 12.37 miles with Meg who helped me pick up my speed a bit. We conquered three bridges and kept an 8:52 pace. It was gorgeous out and I’m surprised how good I felt since I ate a huge BethMonth birthday meal on Saturday and was out pretty late. Maybe all my long runs should be fueled by red wine and steak.
Have a great Monday!