Happy happy happy Monday peeps! I had to say happy three times because, quite frankly, I’m just happy. I don’t know what has been going on lately but I’m just feeling good. Even with my wonky knee, I’m laughing and smiling a lot.

I did a lot of learning this weekend and it spilled over into today at work with my health screening so I’ve got quite a few things to report to you all.

On Saturday I did another fun brick workout at the lovely Ft De Soto park. A few new friends came out so it was awesome to mix up the group with lots of tri buddies. Since my knee is still feeling a bit wonk, I skipped the run and did a longer ride of 28 miles instead of going short and adding in the run. I made the mistake of starting the ride in the back of the group and was left all by myself ….in dead last….

I have to admit that I was super frustrated with my cycling skills. I know I will get better. I used to be dead last on the run and I’ve improved there. It took some time and some work, but I got better. And it’ll be the same with the bike. I just gotta get my butt in the saddle more. I did notice on this ride that my right tricep and shoulder were killing me. I paid close attention not to have the death grip but then started thinking perhaps my bike needed a refit.

After the 28 mile ride we completed a half mile OWS. Nothing much to report here. I like swimming even though I can’t swim in a straight line to save my life.

I decided after that ride that I’d take up a buddy on his offer to look at my bike. This buddy, who I’ll call The Magician, just so happens to be the manager of a local bike shop and a pretty bad ass triathlete. Score! I headed over to the bike shop Saturday evening and he really took his time adjusting Dolly.

Turns out, she needed a lot of adjusting. Practicing on the trainer while at the store, I could tell my right arm was in a better position. He took the saddle down a bit and pushed me closer to the front. He also tilted the handlebars and took leg measurements to ensure I was in the right spot. I have yet to ride with the adjustments but I have a feeling I am going to be much more comfortable. The Magician also told me that my bike was pretty heavy and that I need to relax while riding. Relaxing is going to be a major theme for me while riding. I may write it on my hand as a reminder. Thanks again to The Magician!

I mentioned to The Magician that my left knee was feeling weird and he told me to head over to the running store a few shops down to see the manager, L. L knows a lot about running and injuries. Since L is an amazing runner, I knew he’d be perfect to help me assess this wonky knee.

L had me get on the foot sensor machine that measures the pressure in your feet. You can see it by way of colors on a monitor. We immediately saw that there was more pressure in my left leg than my right, even when I felt as though I was standing evenly. We discussed how thus far, both injuries I have had have occurred in my left leg. He watched me run on the treadmill and saw the pronation in my right leg. L thinks my left leg may be shorter than my right. I’m not one hundred percent sure on this but it makes sense. He gave me the heel from an insole and said to test it out under the insole of my left shoe for a few short runs. I’m interested to test this out but will wait until the knee is feeling better.

I did a spin class this morning and my knee is feeling better. I really want to run well in the relay at the end of the month so I’m just going to keep resting it until it feels perfect. No sense making it worse right?

And after a very fun day of volunteering on Sunday at the Shamrock 5K & 10K races I came in to work and had a health screening. The health screening checks your cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, glucose, and triglycerides. Everything checked out great! In fact, the girl going over my results with me said, “Whoa! You have the highest good cholesterol I’ve ever seen. Do you run?”