Since I had my first run back Saturday it dawned on me that I needed to get some new running shoes. *Squeal* Any girl will tell you there’s nothing like buying shoes but any runner will tell you that regular shoe buying pales in comparison to that of buying a shiny, new running shoe.
On Sunday afternoon I could almost smell that rubber and cardboard shoe box aroma and so the S.O. and I headed over to my favorite running store: FitNiche.
Since I’ve recently heard such amazing things about Brooks, I decided to give them a try. My most trusted shoe guy, Lee, was super helpful and showed me two different styles that fit with my running form and needs.

Brooks Pure Cadence 2

Brooks Ravenna 4
I loved the lightness of both the Brooks Pure Cadence 2 and the Brooks Ravenna 4. I also loved the way both shoes looked and felt. The deciding factor for me was the mileage I’d get out of the Ravenna 4’s. I’m planning on putting in lots of running miles so I need a shoe that will last at least 400 miles.
 After I selected the Ravennas, I also picked out a pair of “knock around” shoes. I had decided a while ago that I wanted some Nike Frees to wear on a day-to-day basis because I just liked the way they look. It was a bonus to find out at the store that they are super comfy too!
Of course the S.O. wanted in on the shoe buying action and Lee was happy to show him some sweet racing flats. I am sorta bummed that I don’t really run fast to require a racing flat cause they make some seriously awesome looking flats.
“Can I win in these?”
The jammin’ Asics Gel Noosa Fast
There really is nothing like a great day of shoe shopping. Even though we left with our wallets a little lighter we know our feet will be a little faster.