Per the title of this blog, I hear the groans. No one likes to look at other people’s vacation photos, but we all force each other to do it anyway.
The S.O. and I had a great time in Puerto Rico! We relaxed, hung out at the beach, ate entirely too much mofongo and guava, drank a billion some Medallas, kayaked in a bioluminescent bay, and almost got car jacked by a pack of dogs. Good times!
Here’s a few snapshots of our vacay. You’re welcome.
Enjoying empanadas and the local beer Medalla.


From the fort overlooking the Capitol in San Juan.

Beach feet, hers and his.
Turn left for frogs, horses, trees, and birds?
Sufficed to say, we only got in one run while there. Our resort hotel beds were entirely too comfortable and we just couldn’t pull ourselves from them that early. Plus, you know, it was vacation.
I’m happy to be home and can’t wait to catch up on all of your lives. I hope at least one of you did something exciting while I was away.