As I’m sure all five of you have noticed, I’ve been pretty absent on the blog lately. I just haven’t much to say or the will to write about having not much to say. I know there’s a lull in  my “racing” life right now and I prefer to blog more about that stuff. Although, in non-racing news, I did enjoy a few Halloween movies so far this month and got my costume ready for a party on Saturday!

I still haven’t ridden my bike. Or even sat on it. It looks a little sad. Maybe next month…

I did compete in the master’s swim meet I do every year and had a blast as per usual. My 100 was slower but my 200 was faster. I’ll take that as a win. (Even though I got crushed by the former collegiate swimmers.)

Lately I’ve been trying to find my running legs again and started working with a running specific coach this week. He’s local, which I prefer, and also coaches the S.O. It makes sense that we share a coach and the S.O. has seen great results with him. I met with him after my ironman to discuss my goals moving forward. I’d like to try to Boston qualify or come as close as possible and keep chasing that unicorn. Plus, I could use some new PR’s, mine are getting dusty.

My workouts this week have been totally different than what I’m used to and I’m liking the change. They are more technical (four minutes easy, one minute hard for x miles or time) and one was strictly run on HR and a specific zone. I normally run by just pace or just mileage. This is all stuff I have never tried before so it’ll be interesting moving forward. I think change is good, especially since I’ve been doing a lot of the same since 2009.

In addition to the running workouts, I’ve added in mandatory days of yoga and strength. I broke out the Body Pump DVD yesterday. It was dusty. I am sore. Darn those ten pound weights. Ha!

In recovery news, I feel pretty good. I’m sure my body is still recovering in a lot of ways but I’ve been feeling much more myself and those ironman blues have disappeared. The one thing that hasn’t disappeared is the weight I gained during and maybe after training. I read that it’s a combination of muscle gain, water retention, and eating a buttload of food. I’m working on getting leaner heading into this running season. I’m just trying to eat healthier, and adding in the strength stuff should help.

The End.

Good luck MCM’ers!!!