I recently had an epiphany about myself. I am a person who really tries to like things, even if deep down, I don’t really enjoy them. I tried really hard to like cycling. I admit, some days on the bike were lots of fun, but mostly because I was with great friends. But if I took out the friends, the cycling itself has never really been something I like. (I like racing triathlon so I just sort of “get through” that whole bike part.)
Social drinking is another thing I tried to like. I definitely drank more in my 20’s, who didn’t? However, coming into my mid-thirties (yikes!) I realize I just don’t really like drinking. I hate hangovers and I hate feeling lethargic and “down” the next day. I know it doesn’t effect everyone this way, but it definitely puts me in a weird mood. Plus aside from one glass of red wine, there isn’t really anything that I love to drink. Beer upsets my stomach and the super sweet drinks just aren’t for me. Basically, I don’t like drinking.
Finally, we come to my career. For a while now I’ve been in planning and logistics roles. I even tried my hand at race directing. I could not have been happier when that last race I directed was over. It was much too stressful for me. All of these jobs seem like so much fun on the outside. Anytime I’d tell anyone I was a meeting planner, they’d always respond, “Oh how fun!” I know a lot of planners who LOVE it. But, as much as I wanted to, I just didn’t.
I know that you never really know if you like something unless you try, but I try a little too hard to like something. I know deep down what makes me truly happy and what I want to do with my free time.
Today is my last day as a meeting planner. I’m going to miss my co-workers and working in the “cool” area of town. I’ve made a couple of great friends and I’m happy to know they are only a phone call away.
My new job involves lots and lots of writing and this makes me VERY happy as writing is something I LOVE. I don’t even have to try to like it. I actually do.
I’m hopeful I will make even more awesome friends and enjoy my co-workers at the new gig too. I am super thankful that I found a new job and that I had lots of support from friends and family in my search. I know that this was a lesson for me in seeking out things that I actually enjoy and not forcing myself into something I think I should.
Here’s to new horizons, possibilities, and liking what you like!