Hi all. It’s me, Lloyd. My mom likes to call me the Attack Terrier. Yeah, she’s hilarious. I want you all to know, I have never attacked anything other than the garbage bin a few times. It was being belligerent and thus deserved it.

I have commandeered this blog to tell you all about Mom’s odd contorting on the living room floor yesterday. I have never seen her do this and am a bit concerned.

For starters she turned on that big, loud talking box in MY living room and proceeded to watch some lady in super tight clothing twist all over the place. I’ll never understand all the human clothing. It’s much better to be naked. (You’ll never see me on a worst-dressed list.)

(See? Naked as a jay-bird, and twice as cute.)Anyway, this lady kept telling Mom to do stuff the way she did. And let me tell you, Mom did not look like this lady. Mom was all sweaty and huffing and puffing. She even had the nerve to tell MOI to stop throwing my toys at her. I just wanted some fetch time like she promised. But did I get fetch? Nooooo. I got some lady telling Mom about the benefits of pilates, whatever that means.

I have never seen her do this. Normally, Mom comes home, changes into her tight clothes (there’s that clothing thing again) and bounces out the door. This coming home and warping herself all around the living room is really going to get old quickly. It seriously cut into my nap and fetch time. Plus she seems to be super agitated by not being able to do what the above mentioned lady is doing. I tried to lick her face and she just shooed me away.

See if I ever let her rub my belly again.

I am concerned. I am very, very concerned. It’s super important that I get fetch and nap time in. You would not want to see me angry. Just ask that garbage bin.

*Mom asked that, even though I commandeered the blog today, I give a special shout out to Lauren at Team Giles and tell her thanks for being AWESOME. Go read her blog, I hear she talks about good nom noms, healthy stuff and life in general.