I don’t normally post my runs for the week because, well, I think it’s boring to you all. However, it does really help hold one accountable for their actions. I am hoping for slightly more mileage next week as this week my Wednesday MLR (medium long run) sucked butt. FYI non-runners, sucked butt is not really a technical running term.

Sunday: 4 miles (recovery run), average pace 9:50
Monday: 8 (hills) miles, average pace 9:20
Tuesday: 5 mile (recovery run), average 9:50
Wednesday: 4 miles (MLR, supposed to do 9) average pace 9:40
Thursday: 8 x 800’s, average pace 4:06 for each
Friday: REST
On deck for Saturday: 22.5 miles @ 10:10 pace

I really am not too sure what happened on Wednesday. Oh wait, yes I am. I was tired. I was cranky. I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, just like Alexander. My heart wasn’t in it, my mind definitely wasn’t in it and I just wanted to go home and eat some worms. To make matters worse I thought I could carry my cell phone in my sports bra. I was expecting a call, you see. But apparently I am too sweaty to have electronic devises pushed up against me. I broke my phone with my sweat. Sexy.

Thursday’s speed work cheered me up as per usual and I am totally looking forward to the 22.5 miler tomorrow. The Redhead is coming to run with me and the BRA and I am super stoked for it!

We have big plans tonight, well as big a plans as we can have considering our early run start tomorrow. Coach EK lent us his DVD of the Chicago Marathon he and some BRA folks ran one year and I can’t wait to watch it with the Redhead to see her get EVEN more pumped (if that’s possible).

Have a great weekend all. Catch ya on the flip side of 22.5 miles!