It’s time for another session of love, like, loathe. I’ve been doing my best to read new books, see new movies, and try new things. Just for you guys. Well, not really for you guys, but because I like new stuff. We can pretend it’s for this here blog but we know it’s just called living life. Funny how that works, right? Let’s start with the yuck, and go into the yay!


Chappie. The S.O. and I started to watch this movie and it was so awful I went upstairs to read. He couldn’t finish it and joined me shortly after. It was just so sad and confusing from the beginning. I know there are folks who loved it but I am not one of them.

Dental cleaning. I cannot stand going to the dentist. I feel terrible for saying that because this is someone’s job and I’m so thankful I have health insurance and get to have regular cleanings. However, I hate it. I feel like the scraping will never end and I sweat all over the chair. I’m a total dental wimp.


The Drop. Ok, fine. So I’ll basically watch any movie with Tom Hardy in it. But this one was good. It had a nice twist and even though it’s a dark movie, there were a few good little laughs here and there. Plus, James Gandolfini is in it and I just think he’s a great actor. Sad he passed so young.

Well hello there.

Big, squishy, medicine balls. I don’t know what it is about the big, squishy medicine balls but whenever we bring them out at strength, I really like it. I think I enjoy the exercises we typically do with them so that’s probably why I like them. Plus, they are a super fun way to add in weights and they don’t hurt my hands. Yes, I’m a delicate flower. We typically do an exercise where we partner up and do a long jump holding the medicine ball and throwing it to our partner using a chest pass. We also do some balancing on one leg squats while pressing the ball either forward or above our heads.

The Babadook. A co-worker lent me this movie since he found out I love horror flicks. He promised this wouldn’t let me down. And he was right. I knew it was a winner when the S.O. called it a “stress sandwich.” I don’t want to give anything away except that this is delightfully scary.
Runladylike living in Tampa. Jesica’s move to my area, now our area, has been fantastic. She’s been on several runs with me now and always pushes me. And she says I help her get out of bed earlier to run and beat this Florida heat. It’s a win-win and I’m thrilled to have a new running buddy.

What’s on your love, like, loathe list right now?