Happy Sunday my friends! I hope you all had lovely weekends. I know I did.
I got my 16 miler done, and while I didn’t feel super strong during, I made it through and had the most delicious breffast after. We typically head to Panera but yesterday we ran on Bayshore. Fun fact: Bayshore is the world’s longest continuous sidewalk (thanks to Speedy Jess for that!). Since our route was different we headed to a favorite local breakfast spot where I filled up on pancakes, bacon, and eggs. *Inner fat girl dies and goes to heaven.*
Post run and shower I headed to Orlando for a baby shower. I am not sure what happened, but as soon as I turned 30 everyone I know got pregnant. I have baby showers coming out the wazoo. And while I love the babies and my friends, I ain’t drinking the water. Just sayin’.
Since I was in the land of outlets I had to stop at lululemon. Can I just say that I am in love with that store? Yes? Ok. I am in love with that store. I’m even happier that there is an outlet. My only gripe is that the sizes I need must be the popular sizes cause the pickens was slim. I did get a cute outfit but had they more stuff in my size, I would have bought a lot more. So, perhaps they just did my checking account a favor.
I got my four mile recovery in this morning and followed it up with about two hours of girl talk with Hollster and P-Funk. And now it’s so freakin’ gorgeous outside I must head to the pool.
Ta ta.

***Correction to Thursday’s post. Brian (whose name is actually Chris, but nicknamed Brian, long story) helped pace me on two 800’s. I left this out in error. And wanted to say thanks and sorry for neglecting to give credit where it was due. Coach EK also hopped in on a few as well. Thanks dudes.***