Happy (early) St. Patrick’s Day! I’m feeling the luck o’ the Irish in many ways and wondering where my luck has gone in another. Heh.

As I had previously suspected would happen while I was signing up for entirely too many running races, my running greed has gotten me into some trouble. I fear that I have a running related injury. Boo.

After the Gasparilla 15K I felt some pain in the outside of my left knee while sleeping, however, when I woke up for the 8K I was fine. I ran the 8K and sprinted hard at the end. This was probably a bad idea, because after I felt the knee for the entire rest of the day. Ruh-Roh Shaggy!

So I rested it for a few days and ran again. And it hurt again toward the end of that run. Then I rested a few more days…and guess what? It hurt again. See the pattern forming here? I’m wondering if it’s IT or something to do with my LCL or just plain old runner’s knee. It’s hard to pin point and quite honestly, as much as I’d like to know the EXACT reason for the pain, I know one thing for certain, I’m taking a week off of running.

Since my luck ran out (pun intended) with running, this is the perfect opportunity to swim and bike my brains out. I’m turning this negative into a positive and hitting the trails with Dolly. She’s quite pleased actually. And thanks to swimming and biking I’m not freaking out over this just yet. I know I can run the short distances needed for my upcoming tris without a whole lot of training. I may be slower but I’d rather be healed for that 70.3 I’m thinking about….more to come on that….

Sunday’s pacing duties will sadly have to be dropped but I’ll still be volunteering and yelling at folks from the sidelines in a terrible Irish accent. I’m hopeful this doesn’t knock me out of my upcoming relay but all I can do is RICE.

And drink green beer. Have a great weekend!