It’s been a strange week. And I’ve actually noticed that I am not alone in feeling this weirdness. In fact someone posted this link on facebook time suck stating that this is why we were all having weird weeks. So…it’s got to be true, right? (Don’t worry, I didn’t experience any acts of violence, even though I thought about committing one or two. Haha.)
Not to be a vague blogger, because I hate that too, but honestly nothing really bad happened. I’ve just felt a bit off and as the week is winding down I am feeling better. The start of March Madness always makes me super happy and I had some great workouts this week.
I’m looking at you Baylor.
I realized how much I missed swimming after Tuesday’s workout with the University of Tampa Master’s swim team. I missed it so much that I decided to do an open water swim event with Swim Across America in May.
I struggled with a treadmill workout on Wednesday and I’m assessing my goals for Grandma’s Marathon. My BQ (Boston Qualify) pace is fast to me currently. However, I dislike the treadmill and feel better about the pace outdoors. I discussed this with Coach Jon and he thinks you either like the treadmill or you don’t and I had to pick a side. Haha. I’m definitely on the “dreadmill” side of it.

I’m going to keep training at the BQ paces and see how it goes. Bottom line, I’m itching for a PR and the BQ can come later. That’s not to say I’m not hopeful or have given up on it, I just want to be realistic about my abilities. I love running and I want to keep the fun in it. After getting super burnt out on triathlon, I want to remember my goal of having fun in 2015.
Strength training is still going well and I feel like I’m getting stronger. I still feel sore after but not that OMG-I-CANNOT-STAND-UP sore. My planks are getting better and I’m not quite as much the shaky chihuahua anymore.

I’ve been missing yoga because I’m working until  six these days and getting a class by 6:30 is damn near impossible with the traffic. I’m going to keep trying to make one because I know my body needs it. And I really enjoy it.

I don’t have major plans this weekend except on Sunday we are celebrating the Best Damn Race with the Ambassadors. I’m proud to be an Ambassador and it’s really awesome to be a part of this group of dynamic people. They do so much to promote the race that I really appreciate them and I know the S.O. does too.

That about sums it up for me. I promised a more fun post and there you go. Please watch the video. You can’t help but smile at these people and their funny treadmill fails.

Have a great weekend!