Run 108 miles 

Bike 0  (Ok, I felt a little bad for my bike this week. It looks sad.)

Swim 3 miles
Strength 4 sessions with Coach Jon & my Tribal Multisport buddies

Yoga 1 yin yoga class (and it was fabulous)

Current Reads I finished The Girl on the Train and oh my goodness it was amazing. I enjoyed it more than Gone Girl and it’s got that creepy, “what the hell is going on” vibe. I’ve got a few options for April and I need to get started on one. I just haven’t decided yet.

Current Obsession Is this always a food, or what? Ha! This month it’s Kind bars. Specifically the dark chocolate nuts & sea salt. It’s my favorite.
Current Song Flo Rida’s GDFR. It’s just so catchy and it’s going down for real….

Current Need More hours in the day. I’m not sure why my Spring has been so busy. I’m hoping for a slow down because I don’t love the glorification of busy. I like the glorification of my couch.
Current Triumph Hitting 100+ running miles in March. And it’s only going up from there.

Current Bane of My Existence Spring Break traffic. Go away Spring Breakers! (I am happy they bring my city revenue, but dang they drive like maniacs.)

Current Goal Burn fat. build muscle. I know, I know, I’m thin BUT, I would like to lean out a bit since I put on a few pounds during/after the ironman. Last night I got in the Bod Pod to see my body composition (body fat,  lean mass, etc.). I was pretty close in what I guessed I’d have in these numbers so at least I wasn’t shocked. I fall in the “moderately lean” category, but a little bit on the higher end of it. I’d like to work on that, so the numbers I learned will help me get a more accurate count of what I should be eating calorically to keep muscle and lose fat.

Space. The final frontier…

Current Indulgence I’m having some new photos taken for the blog and doing an re-design. I don’t really want to monetize but I do want it to look purty. (And my pictures are so old!)

Current Blessings The S.O., Redhead, my seester, my mom, my stepmom, and Lloyd.
Current Excitement Planning for Grandma’s Marathon trip and a possible mini vacation for Memorial Day.