Holy bananas. Only EIGHT more sleeps til R Day! I’m getting mentally ready as I stated before, since physically there isn’t much more I can do. Well, except mabye put down the Girl Scout cookies…mmmmm Samoas….

Anyway, I am going to be the master of my domain. Uh, yeah, kind of like that Seinfeld episode but not in that same way. Heh. I am going to really live in the moment and have fun. Overwhelmingly, this was the response I got in asking you all for strategic tips. Have fun. Well shoot, I can do that in my sleep. (Abe Lincoln playing chess with a gopher in a dream is always fun!)

This weekend should be fun as well. I’ve got a 10 miler tomorrow morning. Ten miles? Ha! I could do THAT in my sleep now. (Trust me, this is not bragging, but after training for a full marathon, 10 miles is like a joyous event! I may even sleep in until 5:00 AM.) After my 10 miler, I have to go in to the office as it’s a mandatory Saturday because classes start up again soon. But then, Saturday night, I’m hosting my sister’s bachelorette party. SO FUN! Look out boys….

Sunday brings the visit from my besties and an amazing dinner with them and my family. We are going to Season’s 52. It’s a super cool place as the menu changes seasonally and nothing is over 475 calories, but still so delish! If there is one near you, definitely check it out.

Alll righty then kids. Have a great weekend!