Yeah, that’s right. Star Wars nerd here. Now, I don’t have “action figures” (dolls) on my desk like a certain female co-worker, but I do enjoy the movies and participate in the annual May the Fourth Star Wars day celebrations. These celebrations include, but are not limited to: retainers, pocket protectors, bumper stickers about the Millennium Falcon, and putting your dog in a cape. Go Nerds!

Anyway, the above has nothing to do with the rest of this post just felt like sharing.

The rest of the post has to do with heat. Holy crap, it’s hot as, well…. crap. Yup, hot as hot dog crap. Sunday marked the first super hot run of the season. HOW HOT WAS IT? Well, it was so hot that when the wind blew it felt like the Devil’s breath. Even this morning’s run at five frickin’ thirty was hot. And humid. Like running through jello, as Hollster put it.

What the crap was I thinking signing up for a fall marathon? Everyone knows that fall marathons equal summer training. Yikes. I did it last year and I guess I’ll just suck it up and do it again. At least I’ll be all tan (READ: leathery) and skinny. You really lose some L-B’s while sweating like hostage during these summer runs.

So I ask you dear readers and friends, what helps on the hot ones? Any and all tips will be tried and tested, unless of course it involves public nudity.

May the Fourth be with you!