Holy cow, it’s June. That means I’ve only got four months until Ironman Chattanooga. Yowza! I had a pretty good weekend of workouts and got in both a long run and a long ride. I’m pooped as I type this from the couch on Sunday evening, so I can only guess on the “tired” that’s in my future. 
Before I start waxing poetic on the future, let’s how May shaped up, shall we? 
Run 92 miles
Bike 301 miles
Swim 9 miles

Strength Nothing to see here. Fail. 

Current Reads Er, so I basically put the Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing down because I just couldn’t stay interested in it. I have to admit that I’m terrible at reading non-fiction. I know, I know. The shame! I did however renew my Bicycling Magazine subscription because I always learn new stuff about cycling and bikes in general and it’s easier to read non-fiction in 150 words or less. I’m hoping to read in June but I’m worried about being able to keep my eyes open… 
Current Obsession Finding a perfect cruiser bike. The S.O. and I live a couple miles from our little town center and it would be perfect to ride bikes to for dinner and special events. I want a fun cruiser and I’m obsessed with finding the one fit for me. Do you think they have some with unicorns? Or skulls? Or unicorns and skulls?!? Be still my heart. 
Current Song Oh man I love Sam Smith. I can barely decide which song to post here for your listening pleasure. But I think this ballad is my favorite…

Current Need Fun pajamas for a pj 5K on Friday night. I’m not racing it but it’ll be fun to wear pajamas and hang out with a few friends. 
Current Triumph 66 mile bike ride in the hills! I admit that this ride was super tough but I’m so glad I did it. I’ve got lots more long hill rides in my future and every time I do one it gives me confidence for the upcoming super long, super hilly rides. 
Current Bane of My Existence Persistent heel pain. I admit that I’m not as regimented on my PT exercises as I should be but darn this heel pain!
Current Goal Hit all my workouts for this week. And 400 bike miles for the month of June. 
Current Indulgence My new car! I got a new car and I love, love, love it. I got a new Camry and while it’s no Benz, it’s new to me and got lots of bells and whistles. I’m probably going to hate the car payments, but at least I’ll have a nice commute without worrying about parts falling off. Haha. 
Current Blessings Lloyd. I just love that little guy. I heard he may have posted on here recently….
Current Excitement The S.O. and I are taking a mini-vacation for the Fourth of July and I’m excited to head to Savannah since neither of us has ever been there. Any places we must visit? 
I hope you all had a great weekend!