Happy National/Global Running Day! I got in a run this morning with Coach Mason, leading the charge, and my Tribal Multisport buddies.

It was a spectacularly bad run for me, but I’m tired and have had a lot going on. I got to spend the weekend with my sister, which was super fun, but then the S.O. had a bad bike crash while he was cycling up in Georgia. Fortunately, he’ll be ok, but it could have been much worse. I’m counting my blessings and may roll him in bubble wrap for a while.

E and I at the Marg Fest.

E and I at the Marg Fest.

I’m ready for the summer and long days at the beach or pool. Here’s how my May shaped up.

Run 108 miles

Bike 40 miles! That was one ride. Ha!

beth on a bike

And here it is.

Swim 4 miles

Strength & Conditioning 1 session and I paid for it the next few days…

Races Nada (The Margarita Run wasn’t exactly a race.)

Current Reads I finished Elizabeth is Missing and it was interesting. Not my favorite book ever but a quick read. I then hopped into The Goldfinch and I can see why there was so much controversy. I liked 3/4 of the novel but then it got too deep and I wanted it to be over. I’m now reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette and it’s a nice departure from the heavy Goldfinch. It’s a fun read thus far.

Current Obsession Game of Thrones. Oh man. We are obsessed in my house. I wish it was on twice a week. Ha!

Current Song Nuthin’.

Current Need More sleep. I’m exhausted today. I hope I’m not coming down with something.

Current Triumph Bike ride! I know this isn’t a big deal, but I like to celebrate the little stuff sometimes too. After the S.O.’s crash on Sunday I was nervous to ride on Monday. I reminded myself I wasn’t riding any major hills with switchbacks and I was riding with a group I love. I rode 40 miles and while I wanted to be done by mile 30, it was a fun ride.

Current Bain of My Existence DOMS! That’s what I get for not going to strength training enough.

Current Goal Running successfully during the summer. It’s getting very, very warm and humid. I know I’m going to slow down some and I want to remind myself this happens every summer so I don’t get too frustrated.

Current Indulgence I just bought some toffee from Trader Joe’s. It was an impulse buy and so worth it.

Current Blessings The S.O. being home safe and sound.

Current Excitement I’m really looking forward to my upcoming trail race on the 18th.