May was challenging in terms of running. The thigh pain that shut me down last Sunday seems to be healing and I didn’t run at all last week. I know I can’t lose tons of fitness in one week and I think the break was actually good for my legs, if not for my mind. Grandma’s is TBD.

Run 104 miles 

Bike Does it count that I REALLY thought about cycling? I even prepped my bike for a Sunday ride but when my alarm went off I just wanted to sleep. Fail.

Swim 3 miles
Strength 1 session with the Tribe and 4 mini sessions by myself plus lots and lots of home PT
Yoga 1 hot yoga class
Races Swim Across America 1 miler

Current Reads I finished The Art of Racing in the Rain which I found boring. I love animals but this one just made me yawn a bit. On the opposite end of things I LOVED All the Light We Cannot See. It’s beautifully written and such a great story. I am starting Mr. Murder today by Dean Koontz. Quite frankly, I am reading it because someone left it and a few others in the break room at work, so why not?

Current Obsession The TV show Girls. I’ve binged on it and will probably finish season 4 this week or next. It’s a great show even if they are all completely insane.
Current Song I really like Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again.
Current Need Still healthy legs. I didn’t have any thigh pain this AM when I woke up so that’s a plus. Coach Jon wants me to try an easy run this week. I haven’t run since last Sunday. Womp womp.
Current Triumph Hm. Not stabbing anyone while being injured this close to a marathon?
Current Bane of My Existence See the above two.
Current Goal Get healthy. Figure out these imbalances and strengthen my hips and butt.

Current Indulgence I may have over indulged this weekend while having extra free time to think about not running. Let’s just say, I’m back on the wagon with eating right. (The lobster roll was 100% worth it. #noregrets)
Current Blessings I didn’t have any leg pain this morning! I have a great network of friends. I can still swim, bike, and go to yoga. And eventually will run again. Just gotta work on my patience.
Current Excitement The Donut Run this weekend! If I have to walk/jog it, so be it. I have several friends going and it’s going to be a blast!