I am back humans. Didn’t think I’d take over again did you? While Mom has been waddling around after various feasts that I have been left out of, I have been developing my master plan to take over this blog.

I am planning on re-naming it and not even mentioning this running thing again. I mean, I run, but more for a purpose. You know what I mean? I run to chase squirrels, cats, other dogs, lizards, my tail, etc. I run to get the best tree to mark. I run to get that food off the floor that Mom dropped. You know, actual good reasons to run. My theme will be on the most important topic of all time. BACON!

Anyway…Mom has been so busy fa-la-la-ing that she didn’t even notice I got a bark-operated system on her computer (it’s easier than typing with these paws). She didn’t even seem to notice when I rolled all over her new running clothes.

My master plan involves…wait hold on….Mom is coming!

Crap. She’s on to me. I guess you all will just have to keep suffering through this blog about running. I am sure she is going to drone on and on about her “awesome 16 miler” on Saturday. Yawn.

I gotta go, but I’ll be back! And when I return it’s going to be ALL BACON ALL THE TIME!