Guess what I got for Christmas??? Besides, a virus-free computer, my new running shoes arrived! I did what Runner’s World said and smelled the box after I opened the outer packaging. Mmmm, the smell of motivation and PR’s. They are Asics Gel Kayano 15s if you must know. They will the third pair of these I have owned. Like they say if it ain’t broke…

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone. I’ll be back in the full swing of blogging after I work my way out of the food coma I plan on putting myself in today and tomorrow. Come Monday it’s back to watching what I eat and pounding that pavement (not that I have taken a break from that really). I ran 6 miles today!

Merry Christmas!

B.o.B. and Lloyd (who is generally un-pleased at having his photo taken. He thinks it steals his soul or some such nonsense.)