Friday Confessions on a Monday. Here we go.
1. I had to ask a male colleague to help me shake the snack machine because it wouldn’t give up my Snickers. He then later posted to my facebook the Snicker’s Aretha Franklin diva commercial.
2. Some asshat threw a drink on me at 4:40 AM during my run this weekend. I believe it was a screwdriver. I screamed a very loud “Eff you!” I wasn’t scared in the slightest. I was furious. I may be insane right now.
3. On Sunday, I had a meltdown at Red Robin (yum!) and cried into my French fries after the S.O. suggested that I wasn’t gearing properly on climbs.
4. After the floodgates opened, they couldn’t be closed and I also cried into an orange and vanilla swirl ice cream cone later that evening with Meghan. (Why am I never crying into salads?)
5. I am getting too wrapped up in times and paces for the ironman. See, all of the crazy above. Time for a reset.
6. Lloyd peed on my new running shoes. I suppose that’s his confession, not mine, but it was because I slept in too long and didn’t let him out in time. He gives zero effs when he has to pee. Can’t say I blame him.
7. I’m totally writing way too many posts about all of my #firstworldproblems.
8. I saw Tori Amos on Friday and while that’s not a confession, the part about having to leave before the encore due to an early training ride on Saturday is. Sad panda. (The rest of the show was awesome though!)
9. Walked out of the new Sin City movie. It. Was. Awful.
10. I COULD NOT get through this crazy training without a support system.