1. I am tired. I may have overdone it last week/weekend. Swam-biked-ran my way to a two hour nap post Bunny cake making yesterday and still went to bed at 9 PM.

2. Am currently having dreams of triathlon. I wake up sweating and wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into this weekend.

3. If you poop your pants while riding your bike during a race, should you

A. stop riding and change your shorts?
B. keep riding and tell those passing you that you’re sorry for the smell?
C. keep riding and hope it makes those wanting to pass you stop riding?

4. How many sharks could there really be in the ocean that are hungry at 7:50 AM? Don’t they eat at night?

5. Am starting to think that the Speedo swimsuit tan lines of my youth have returned and I’ll continue to have the whitest stomach on the beach next to those Canadians.

6. Running has never been more precious to me than it is right now.

7. Me and Dolly may have had a minor breakthrough yesterday when I stopped twice and wasn’t screaming in my head “RIGHT FOOT OUT! RIGHT FOOT DOWN!”

8. Eating lunch out of the office on Mondays can lead to better performance upon return. Or….better blog writing.

9. I really want aero bars for Dolly now. I know that’s nuts since I just started to feel comfortable on the bike, but why not? What’s a eleventy million more dollars?

10. I am totally STOKED for some interviews I have lined up with some amazing female athletes. Stay tuned…

Oh and happy Monday.