Holy cow! It’s April! And I have sad news. I’ve decided to quit triathlon. Saturday’s race was so tough that I just cannot foresee continuing on in this treacherous sport.
Did I get anyone? Anyone at all? Yeah…didn’t think so. You all know me better than that.
Here’s how March went down!
Run 58 miles
Bike 250 miles
Swim 11
Less mileage overall but I’m blaming a busy month, a taper, and other random life events. I’m hoping to bump it up across the board in April.
Races Sarasota Half Marathon which went very well as a “training” sorta run. And HITS Ocala 70.3 AKA Noah’s Ark 74.3. Haha.
Current Reads I finished The Magicians last month and decided to take a break until April. The Magicians was so good and yet so annoying. Spike recommended it and I am part pissed at him for doing so and part thrilled he did. It’s just one of those books. It’s basically a Harry Potter meets Catcher in the Rye. Magic and angst.
I’m starting a book today that Nanci loaned me called Article 5. I’m excited to delve into another teen dystopian novel.
Current Obsession Figuring out my back situation getting off the bike and getting stronger on the bike. I’m basically in full on triathlon mode from here on out. It’s tri season bitches!
Current Song Does the theme music from NPR News count? #Iamanoldlady
Current Need A personal chef. We all NEED that right?
Current Triumph Coming this close to beating my coach on a tri swim. It will happen this season Coach Steve! Look out!
Current Bane of My Existence Laundry. There ain’t no laundry like tri season laundry. How do we go through so many towels!?!?
Current Goal A kick ass St. Anthony’s Triathlon at the end of the month!
Current Indulgence Ranch dressing. Help me, I have a problem.
Current Blessings Training partners new and old. This whole triathlon thing is great and all but I know I’d never do half of this crap without all these awesome folks I’m surrounded by. I heart training buddies.
Current Excitement I’m really looking forward to the rest of this tri season! Did I mention that already?
How was your March? Big plans for April?