Did anyone notice a weekend cause I’m pretty sure I completely missed mine. I took Friday off of work to pack and then proceeded to move all of my stuff on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks so much to my buddies that came out to help. For the most part everything went smoothly except for the fact that Lloyd decided to eat some carpet at my old apartment. There goes that deposit….

How does one person accumulate so much stuff? I had a SUV load (Thanks Hollster!) of odds and ends that went straight to the Salvation Army. I seriously need to stop accepting gifts from my adoring fans. And by adoring fans, I mean my grandma.

I’m getting acclimated to my new location and am looking forward to my run this evening. Plus I’ve got an early AM run scheduled tomorrow along that lovely waterfront sidewalk I’m all jazzed up about.

My 16 miler on Saturday was one of the toughest runs I’ve completed lately and I attribute that to… EARMUFFS DUDES… cramps. So yeah, I had cramps and on top of that I was just flat out tired from moving stupid boxes up and down the damn stairs on Friday. However, I will say that even with that run feeling like poo I managed to hang on to an 8:41 pace overall. I’ll take it. I’ll look back at this run during the Miami Marathon and think “You got this! You ran through cramps and an achy back! Suck it up buttercup!”

I can’t end this post without a HUGE shout out to KC! She, of course, KILLED it at Ironman Florida. She was up and at ’em on Sunday when I surely would have been passed out and unconscious after all that. Heh. I’ll let her tell it so stay tuned for her recap.

Congrats to those who did IMFL and those who ran the NYC Marathon. And of course any other races out there!

Happy Monday. Who wants to help me unpack?