The blogging part of my brain seems to be a bit off this week since the rest of it is consumed by thoughts of MCM. I’m not sure if I will get another post in before MCM. I should be able to, but just in cases, I may set up the old auto generated post to at least get you folks through Thursday. Yes, I’m just that thoughtful.

Now for the important information….

Clothes. I got my outfit! Hurray! I couldn’t decide what to wear and then I happened upon an outfit that I couldn’t live without. But no spoilers here…I’m gonna make all of you wait for photos. Yes – sweaty, marathon face, crazy hair, photos. I know you can’t wait!

Goals. I normally don’t post goal times and I don’t think I’m going to break that tradition. It makes me too nervous to put it out there. I am superstitious that way. I have done the three goal thing where I make one attainable goal (finish!) , one possibly attainable goal (finish a bit faster), and one goal that if I achieve it I’ll crap my pants from excitement. Goal shit happens.

And since my brain is mush right now, in the words of Porky Pig “That’s all folks!”