Oh, my neck. Oh, my back. My neck and my back. Seriously, I am sore. I have been pretty intense the past few days and I’m going to surely pay for it tomorrow. (Yes you are and please don’t call me Shirley. Ba dum dum.)
Let’s recap, shall we? Sunday I did this nice little 5K trail race and followed it up with 1,000 meters in the pool. While, the race was tough, the pool was a nice little reprieve. I heart swimming. Yesterday I did 4 hills, which equals 4 miles. I did my 4 at the 1-2-1 ratio per Coach EK’s plan. You see, yesterday began my MCM training which overlaps with the tri training. Oops. Didn’t really plan for that so well did I? Anyway, the 1 is the warm up (10:30), the 2 is two miles at pace (8:55), and the 1 is the cool down (10:30). I wound up doing all 4 way faster than the plan said (9:30, 8:17, 8:22, 9:22). I don’t know what was going on but I just went with it.

This brings us to today. I may have mentioned that I suck on the bike. No really. I’m slow and it kills my back, neck, shoulders, and arms. Part of this is because I need to raise the seat. I haven’t yet because I hate being that far off the ground. I realize after today’s ride that it is a must. All that being said, I still got a ride in.
My riding buddy suggested we do a brick together and I was happy to have the company, as well as the support. I had a total fail this morning as I forgot my camera. I wanted to document my torture with El Capitan. Fail.

We started out bright, er dark, and early and headed out for about a 10 mile bike. (Should have been eight but who’s counting right?) my friend rode his mountain bike so he didn’t accidentally drop me. Gee thanks. (I am definitely kidding here. He’s done over 100 tri’s so he would drop me on a tricycle.)

As we rode through the dark he gave me some pointers and splained some stuff that I didn’t realize before. He told me about those clip thingys (technical talk here) and how they help you pull instead of just pushing while on the bike. Oh, so they aren’t just to trap you on the bike? Hm. Good to know. He also told me how you need to build momentum going downhill so it can help you get uphill. All excellent things to know. We also practiced shifting gears.

At about mile 4 my back and shoulders hurt. I also believe at some point I said “Ow. My vagina.” I’m pretty sure my friend just ignored me. Or just laughed maniacilly in his head.

We finished up our ride and switched to run mode. Again, the first half mile feels really weird after riding a bike. Not bad however, just odd. I think I’m so happy to get off the bike that I run way too fast. We ran about 2 miles and I kept thinking “Geez we’re going to fast.” Of course, we chose to run the 3 miles with the hill versus the 3 mile route without it. When I said to this buddy, “Of course you pick the hill” he replied with “Nothing but the best for you” or something crazy like that. Gee thanks. Again.

After running too fast for about two and half miles I had to walk for a minute before jogging it in. All in all I am pleased with the workout. I did more on the bike than I would have alone and my friend certainly pushed me on both efforts. I always do better when I work out with others and I certainly didn’t want a repeat of my last bike ride with him during Ragnar….

So tri training and MCM training continue. I feel confident that I can get through the tri. I don’t think I’ll be setting the world on fire or anything but I’ll finish one way or another.

One thing’s for sure, I’m going to need a massage.