I woke up this morning saddened still about my ankle. I was also sad about my current career situation. I also lamented about the fact that I had a dream last night of running four miles. In my dream I was so excited to get to mile two I actually felt myself smiling in my sleep.

On my drive to work I listened to my beloved Friday booty mix and only half smiled through it, I was so preoccupied with my suffering.

As usual, I got to work and went to reading the news online. The headline I first saw was:

Ceremonies to honor September 11 victims

“Oh my God,” I thought. “How could I have forgotten?”

In my selfish pity party this morning I had forgotten it was September 11. As the child of a Vietnam Vet and extremely proud American, I felt ashamed. These people lost their lives and I am worrying about things that seem so small in comparison. Sure, it’s OK to worry about these things, but not today.

Today, let’s remember the fallen.

Let’s remember those who can’t walk or run marathons because they risked their lives helping others get to safety.

Let’s remember those who lost their lives just going about their normal days, being productive citizens of this great nation.

Let’s remember those whose loved ones were taken so quickly and needlessly.

Let’s remember how carefree we were before this day and how those monsters destroyed a sense of security we had known.

Let’s remember this world is bigger than we are and our own suffering may come and go, but September 11, 2001, is a day we should never, never forget.