You’ve probably noticed a new look here at Discombobulated Running. And as with all new things, there may be a few hiccups along the way. The amazing designer and I had a hell of a time trying to move the blog out of blogger. Fortunately, Meghan, had just redesigned her blog and she had the exact answer that had been alluding us for months. No, I’m not kidding. Months. Moving a blog is not as easy as one would think. Ok, well I didn’t think it would be easy because I have no clue how to code or anything, but it was not a one, two, three type of deal. Shout out to Chris for all of the help. And also, REALLY BLOGGER, REALLY?

There are a few posts that I’ll have to manually move over that didn’t make it, but I’ll get them here shortly.

I’m going to add more information on my coaching, and I’ll more than likely add some sweet shirts I’ve designed with the help of the S.O. I have a thing for workout tops, who doesn’t? And I love creating them. Stayed tuned for that. I promise it won’t be another eight months like this update was.

On a final note, I haven’t worked out in a week. A WEEK. I feel like a gelatinous blob. However, I was down for the count with some serious funk and am still a bit on the snotty side. I watched SIX movies this weekend and had the worst case of FOMO. I rarely have FOMO because I’m a homebody at heart but man I was envious of all of you out pounding the pavement.

I’m hopeful that I can get in a little run tomorrow morning without my nose falling off of my face. Then it’ll be NOMO FOMO.