Ok so it’s not the New Year just yet, but I figured I would go ahead and share this news with you all. Guess what? I got a new coach!
Yes, I’ve switched coaches. Again. And before I get into why I’ve switched, I’ll tell you why I have a coach. I like that extra bit of accountability. I like having a bit of an external push and pat on the back. Ok, fine, I like a gold star. I also like knowing that someone has put work and thought into giving me a training schedule, I trust them and I don’t want to let them down. Plus, every coach I’ve worked has been way more experienced and knowledgeable than I am.
When I first started working with Coach Jon I wasn’t exactly in the best head space. I was post ironman depressed and just felt like I was going through the motions. He saw it first hand when I DNF’d Grandma’s Marathon. With a re-worked plan, we focused on getting me back to having fun, and enjoying the process. It worked and I’ve been enjoying my training runs (sans the dumb heat!), as well as the strength sessions that he hosts…even if I do get yelled at the most!
As Tribal Multisport was growing and Coach Jon signed on to coach a prep school cross country team, he met Mason Cathey. Mason had also signed on to coach cross country. They discussed the idea of her becoming the third coach for Tribal Multisport. There was a need she could fulfill and it fit her workload.

Before Mason officially came on board to Tribal, Jon mentioned the possibility to me and asserted that he thought of me immediately in terms of who she would be a great fit for. In fact, he was pretty pumped about the idea. He spoke extremely highly of her, and after she came aboard I met with her and quickly felt a connection.

On the one hand I was sad because I felt like Jon and I were melding better than we had previously. On the other hand I was excited about the idea of working with a badass female coach. Especially one who has the resume and warmth that Mason has.

Although I have really enjoyed working with Jon, and learned A TON from him, I think I knew deep down that his style of coaching, while fantastic for the S.O. (who has set many ridiculous PR’s lately) and many others, wasn’t necessarily optimal for me. And at Jon’s suggestion and blessing, I made the switch. If anything this another reason I feel that Jon is a fantastic coach. He wants what is best for his athletes. This is a great lesson for me as I continue to venture into my role as a coach too.

What does this mean for me? Well, I’ll continue with strength training sessions led by Jon but my training plan will come from Mason. I’m super excited to begin working with her for 2016 and hope she can handle my level of neediness. Ha! Get those gold stars ready Mason.

That’s it for me until 2016. Happy New Year friends! Catch ya on the flipside.