The new year is in 16 days and I know the thoughts (and posts) on resolutions and goals will start flying in. Last year, a group of us hosted the Instagram challenge “Race T-Shirt A Day.” Every day in January we posted a picture of a race shirt. It was lots of fun to remember races past and help us stay motivated for the new year.
This year, my friend and new ironman finisher, Kari, came up with the idea to post a Medal-A-Day. Let’s face it, we love our medals and reminiscing on races is always a blast. Again, it’s another way to jump start that motivation for the new year.
Starting on January 1, we’ll be posting a picture of a medal and using the hashtag “medaladay” on Instagram. If you don’t have 31 medals, it’s all good, just post when you want during the month and go ahead and brag a little. You earned that bling! And, if you actually do earn some new medals in January, even better!
I’m looking forward to seeing all the fantastic medals out there. Let me know in the comments if you are in. I’m @discombobruns on Instagram. You can follow Kari @tri_kari to see her medals too.